Ms. Nishtha Pandey
M/O Yaachit Pathak, Grade 3A CAIE

I feel delighted to share my journey of association with SIIS. My son has experienced multifaceted development over these years. The online classes have confirmed my belief that he owes his marvelous transformation to his teachers. I am amazed by the love, passion and patience with which the teachers of SIIS teach. The kids are guided with immense care and strongly motivated to excel in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities too. The Cambridge curriculum has further involved them in multiple skill-based activities; events like story and poem writing competitions, poem recitations, explaining concepts of Science and Maths with tools and aids have helped my son evolve as a confident writer and speaker; the list continues. During the recent session with international students from South Korea, he insisted on writing his script himself, and I feel proud to acknowledge that he did reasonably well. Their day-to-day classes are designed in a thoughtful manner with the perfect balance of mental and physical activities like chess and karate. It shows the sensitive nature of academicians at SIIS and how much they value the mental and physical well being of their students. Their zeal is not let down by the ongoing pandemic either. As a satisfied and content mother, I would conclude by saying that my son has acquired qualities that were beyond my expectations.

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