Ms. Vijaya
M/O Vishnuvardhan S, Grade 2 CAIE

Our Child is new to Sadhana Infinity International School. Being a parent I was really worried if he would get along with new classmates and get used to new school. To add to our worries, the pandemic made us more apprehensive about the online classes. But, the very first online meeting with the Head mistress and the faculty made us feel good about the system.

After the classes began, we started liking everything about the school, the standards, transparency and the academic plan. I would like to mention specially about Grade 2 teachers, who made my Son feel very comfortable from the Day 1. He never felt he was new student in the class. As the classes are conducted online, we got to witness how much effort teachers are putting to make students understand the concepts. The teaching methodologies are very impressive. All the events are well planned and organized. The co-ordination amongst the teachers is commendable.

We are looking forward for the pandemic to end and the school to reopen soon, so that our child can get the best.

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