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Mr. Kavinder & Ms. Suman, Parents of Maahira Thakur, Grade 2 CAIE

Mr. Kavinder & Ms. Suman, Parents of Maahira Thakur, Grade 2 CAIE

Words cannot express how thankful we are to the school for the way they have handled their first Cambridge session. As parents, we were a bit cautious shifting our daughter from a CBSE to Cambridge curriculum as this was the first Cambridge session for SIIS and then Covid-19 happened to the world. I was not very optimistic that the kids will get a true flavour of Cambridge education in their first session but I was proved so wrong by the way teachers and school management had handled the situation. While the other schools were figuring out how to manage the situation, you were on top of the things to make yourself and the kids comfortable with the new ‘Virtual Normal’. Not only your efforts with kids but I really commend your efforts to work with parents to make them aware of the way forward with the session, regular emails, regular circulars, regular follow-up, etc. Highly organized & disciplined teaching staff with a high level of professionalism. The most important thing in this challenging time (& in general as well) is ‘communication’ and you guys have mastered this in my opinion. As a parent, I never felt disconnected with what you are doing and what you are planning to do and where can I reach if I have any questions or need any clarification. Kudos to your team for this.

You should all really feel proud of the work that you do every day at SIIS for the kids; it is truly a special school, and we feel lucky that our kids are associated with this school.”

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