Water Crisis – A Serious Concern

Water Crisis – A Serious Concern

by Harsh Kakaria, VIII-B

Water Crisis is a major issue for the whole world. Status say that around 844 million people in this world don’t get safe drinking water, more 2 billion people face water problem in getting water for proper sanitation. What could be the reason for this? The answer is we humans, it does not sound that nice, but that’s the truth. At one hand, you see people dying without water, on the other hand you see people wasting litres of water.  

But we still can make this situation really better. We just need to be little aware and also spread awareness. Doing little right things can make huge difference, like-

  • Turn off the tap, while brushing.
  • Take shower for a little less time.
  • Regularly inspect the pipes and motors for leakages.

Few steps like these would make the scenario much better. Conserving water is just an initiative, we must make it a habit. Water is our future and the situation is still in our hands. We must not let the scenario worsen. Every drop counts.

Let us all come together and conserve water,It will not only make our present better, but also the future