Group Overview


SIIS is established with an ennobling vision; creating future leaders through holistic education. The school is backed up with CBSE, IGCSE curriculum with primary focus on all – round excellence by integrating academics with sports, music and various personality development programs. The institution would foster a harmonious relationship among students, faculty and parents, thus creating synergy to accomplish excellence. The faculty, teaching pedagogy and facilities are of latest innovations which kindle among students enjoyable learning, a respect for cultural diversity and awareness of social responsibility for a better society. 

SIIS endorses a holistic education model where each child has a unique identity and self – esteem, which is valued and promoted. We believe that a high quality educational environment has the greatest positive effect on the life of a student. We attempt to create an ethos of space, freedom, care and security for our students where they are nurtured to expand their horizon and growth. 

The in-class activities at SIIS are formulated in a way that secures the students’ transition in the field. Contextualised opportunities are provided to students to extend their classroom based learning activities. 

It is tractable for students at SIIS to discover their in-field abilities rather than in knowledgeable class capacities. The hands-on learning, teaching engages and attracts our young learners to the active learning process. Our effective educators and communicators help the children to come out of barriers such as fear, anxiety, stress, introvertedness etc. 

At SIIS, the extracurricular activities and performing arts are given an equal priority as we believe that educating students in physical fitness and performing arts nurtures their innate ‘emotional intelligence’ through teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship. Through the plethora of opportunities at SIIS, every student will be able to develop essential life skills to keep our learners in pace with the fast-changing world.