SIIS profoundly believes in inculcating rich cultural values among the students. Adhering to the same the school hosts a number of activities through different clubs.


The school has a dramatics club where the children learn different components of theatre and acting.


The art & craft club gives students an opportunity to think outside the box with the freedom to explore thereby, channelizing their creativity. The experienced instructors train the students and help them participate in various events.


To journey into the realm of literary art that shapes the inner self; nurtures the creative thirst and sculpts the raw potential of young ignited minds, SIIS has a literary club which organises Debates, JAM, Elocutions, Essay writings on a regular basis. 


This club has been formed to develop the social cooperative spirit in the students of SIIS. It helps in promoting the inter cultural relations & welfare of students and also facilitates conducive academic environment in the campus. 


This club is initiated as the environmental issues remain a peripheral issue in the formal schooling system. The Go Green club bears the responsibility of sensitising fellow students about conservation. Students take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. 


To promote creativity through photography, to educate and improve technical skills SIIS has introduced a photography club where members of the club take part actively showcasing their photography skills. 


The school has a wing of scouts and guides from grades 5 to 8. The aim of this club is the formation of character, sound health habits and acquiring of useful skills. The pursuit of this aim leads to the development of good citizenship amongst the students


Educational trips, camping and field trips are the outbound activities at SIIS. These activities form a vital part of the school’s curriculum which brings value as they provide the students the opportunity of learning through travelling, especially to places that they may not otherwise get to visit.

Apart from this, the trips also provide relief from the drudgery that academic study sometimes become, an opportunity for close interaction with peers that students enjoy so much, and a chance for the teacher to observe and interact with the student in a different structure. These are organised every year by keeping in mind the kind of educational exposure it gives to the students.