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At SIIS, we follow a curriculum drawn from the teaching framework of the Central Board of School Education (CBSE). Our approach is to foster holistic education which has equal emphasis on both scholastic and co-scholastic components. The time table for every grade is set in such a way that the child gets regular academic learning besides co-curricular activities getting equal importance, where every child takes part based on the one’s interest. As per the CBSE guidelines, we follow the assessment method, which presupposes regular learning and a degree of parental support and involvement.

Primary School:

Our primary school focuses on building a strong foundation infused with literacy, a deep conceptual approach to math and transdisciplinary skills. During these years, the learner’s interests and curiosities are grown by leaps which are supported with boundless opportunities and programs. Every student is highly encouraged to actively participate in the learning process by asking questions, involving in class discussions and tapping their prior knowledge which reinforces their critical thinking and development. Additionally, students are introduced to physical education, performing arts and collaborative learning for cognitive skill development during these elementary years.

Middle School:

SIIS’s middle school is designed upon developmental needs such as intellectual, social, emotional growth of the adolescents. Thoughtful experiential learning, and problem-based approach is given prominence during these years to enhance life skills which would enable them to face challenges. The school offers additional support and personalized learning for students to strengthen the areas of improvement. In order for the student to be independent and responsible citizens, we incorporate themed activities, debates, elocutions to have a global perspective. Through the skills developed through these years, students can make responsible judgment and act properly in a real-world context. These years of holistic education fully prepare students both academically and socially for the increasing challenges of the Senior years to follow.

Senior school:

In Senior school, our focal point would be academic oriented which aims to comprehensively cultivate students’ core abilities and prepare them for entering fields they wish to be in. Personal attention and interaction, academic performance review, academic support classes are provided to learners to enhance and encourage so as to reach their fullest potential. Senior school prepares students for Central Board of Secondary examinations which the student faces in the 10th grade.

The areas of academic learning are crucial, but it’s not the only content of the school education. We ensure the students continue to participate in extracurricular activities, community service initiatives, clubs and outbound activities to gain global awareness which are required to make a difference in the world. In these years, students are encouraged to be a part of the student council to inculcate leadership qualities and responsibilities which could lead them to greater heights.