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Primary (Grade 1 to 5)

Primary (Grade 1 to 5)

Primary (Grade 1 to 5) At SIIS, we envision the holistic development of all our students. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to include practices that bring us closer to our goal every day. We encourage our students to think creatively and be innovative when it comes to problem-solving, reasoning, and communication.
With an equal emphasis on scholastic and co-scholastic activities, we help students realize their true potential and work hard towards their future.
To provide a hands-on and practical approach to learning, we organise various co-curricular activities such as:

To groom children’s behaviour and instill proper etiquette, verbal lessons are not sufficient. With role-play activities, they get to practise, experience and grasp life lessons effectively

Reading is an important activity that we as a school hold utmost regard for. We aim to inculcate the habit early on through our Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R) sessions, where every student is asked to drop their classwork and dedicate a solid amount of time to read books.

Through this interactive activity, children are asked to come infront of the class, share their object of choice and talk about it. It is a fun learning experience for kids which improves their confidence and enhances their social and verbal skills

The STEM Kit Activities motivate the students to learn about different concepts of Science, Tech, Enginnering and Maths in an entertaining and enriching approach

At SIIS, we aim to create global citizens rooted in the Indian value system. To that effect, we celebrate multiple traditional festivals all year round.

We strive to equip our students with life skills that go way beyond academics and learning. Our various value-based learning activities help us in achieving this goal

The future of our world relies on the sustainable and eco-friendly practices that we adopt to protect the environment. Our children are our hope for a brighter future and to make them understand the importance of environmental conservation, we follow as many eco-friendly practices as we can in our daily management.