Water Crisis needs Global Action

Water Crisis needs Global Action

by Satya Charan, VIII-B

Water crisis has become a major concern around the world these days.  Though water is essential to us, around 785 million people in the world, meaning 1-9 people do not have access to water. According to a report by the WEF (World Economic Forum), the water crisis is the 4th most important problem in the world which needs a potential solution.

Water Scarcity has no longer become a story that municipal corporations hear rarely but has become a common story they hear every day from hundreds of people. These troubling scenarios beg the obvious question: What to do? We do know that ongoing reports on the ‘water crisis’ are not going to catalyze action to address water scarcity, poor quality, access, and affordability. Ensuring the human right to water feels distant at times.

We need to mobilize an ecosystem of stakeholders to be fully engaged in developing and scaling solutions. The public sector, private sector, NGOs, entrepreneurs, investors, academics, and civil society must all be engaged in solving water scarcity and quality problems. Each stakeholder brings unique skills, scale, and speed of impact (for example, entrepreneurs are fast but lack scale, while conversely the public sector is slow but has scale).

Water Crisis needs Global Action

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