Developing future with Solar solutions

Developing future with Solar solutions

by Pranay Varma, V-B

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. It is obtained from the Sun. It is abundantly available in all parts of the world and is also available every day. The light which falls upon the earth gives energy which is more than what we can currently consume. The solar energy reduces the effect of the greenhouse and the global warming. It is a clean source of energy. The sunlight is converted into electricity with the help of solar panels.

Promoting solar energy is not only beneficial to the environment but also for the nation as it creates new job opportunities. The solar energy industry has already become a huge industry that is providing quality jobs across the country. 

Between 2014 and 2019, solar jobs grew five times faster than the overall economy.

India remained on the fifth spot with 7,19,000 people in the solar industry in 2018. A million plus jobs are expected to be added by 2021.

The government of India said that job creation is one of the important motivations for its Solar Mission. Solar power sector is recognized as creating more jobs than any other energy source. Thus, it can even help partially solve the issue of poverty among the rural population by providing them new job opportunities and also the opportunity of skill-building.

So we can say that Solar energy is the future of next generation.

Developing future with Solar solutions

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