Performing Arts has various personal and academic outcomes, improving child development as a whole, enhancing cognitive, motor and social skills. Recreational activities out spring the creativity of a student in the most productive manner. SIIS provides latest facilities for various art forms to give students opportunities and add wings to their creativity.

We at SIIS encourage our children to choose from the variety of options they have with instruments to master them and better shape their inner confidence.

 Each child will choose a form of performing art among




Western Dance

Classical Dance

Indian Vocal

The children are trained in the performing arts for four hours a week.


The school has soundproof music studios with qualified trainers for various musical instruments like drums, guitar & keyboard. SIIS has been associated with Trinity College of Music for children to appear for exams and also be qualified from there. Children will be trained and given the opportunity to participate in inter-school, district level, state level and international level competitions.


The school has state of the art dance rooms for Western and classical dance with qualified and experienced trainers.